Trick for fighters

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Trick for fighters

Post  Rasma on Wed Mar 19, 2008 1:51 am

here are a few things i have learned
1. NEVER make your healer angry it is always better to spend a second to say thanks then regret it latter.
2. The magic word WORKS!!! "heal me now" or "HEAL" are just rude and are more likely to get you ignored or put off till later but using O say "HELP" or if your really good "Pls Help" might get you more favorable and immediate assistance.
3.Pure well in my mind i dont like it leaves too many holes in your char but it can work well for a party fighter the down sided is you ether have low dam or low hp ether way your going to need a pt at your back to do any kind of real lvling. if you go this route make sure you have freinds.
4. pick a weapon that suit your play style and stat build mister supper tank YOU WANT THAT SHEILD or your end is not so good.
5. don't be afraid to find a cleric to duo with most clerics will jump at the chance.
6. don't be a fool do the quest they may not seem like much at first glance but those coppers add up and EXP is always good.
7. KQ's are your friends sure you might fail but they give that all important exp and the quest have good rewards.

Well thats all for now i hope it helps bounce
*edit* changed some things in number 3


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