Hi Everybody!

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Hi Everybody!

Post  TEH_PWNER on Thu Apr 17, 2008 1:31 pm

Hi im TEH_PWNER as u probably guessed...
im not gonna give out my real name, sry but a m8 of mine got knifed by some1 he met online... no rly (hes alright now)
im new and just wanted to say hi, and btw my main is called "LIVE_HARD" (sry bout how random the names r!) and can make all t1 stones. ill make em if u bring me the mats:

elrue: 3 old soul dust, 3 old gem dust, 3 old spirit dust
lix: 3 elrue, 3 lq copper ore
xir: 3 lix, 2 mq copper ore, 1 topaz

im fun loving and like having a laugh... which brings me on to: how offensive can the jokes on this forum be without getting banned? can i list the 70 odd "YO MAMMA" jokes i know?

im usually busy insulting some1 on TEH_PWNER but feel free to bug me anytime on LIVE_HARD coz im stuck at lvl 26 and have nothing to do -.-

k signing off now bye!


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