Hey this is who i am get use to it

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Hey this is who i am get use to it

Post  HetaXChan on Tue Feb 26, 2008 12:08 am

Ok you want an introduction you'll get one. All right. My name's Heather I go by Heta, Minako, Akio, Abellena, Destiny, Audriella, Tinkerbell, or what ever sn I'm using at the time. My favorite color is orange if you couldn't already tell. I'm a libra, i like Fiest, anime shopping, singing, cooking, and well a few other things. I like to hang out with my friends, and when i say that i mean we all just sit around on our own computers in the same room occasionally talking about the game we're playing at the time. Or we watch a move at the same time. Ummmmm I like white tigers and fairies and pretty shiny thingys lol Um.... I like to play Sims 2 and that's all i can thing of right now, Oh yah I work like most of my day's and I'm joining the US Navy ^.^; ok that's it for now Ja'ne!

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