Tips for Clerics

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Tips for Clerics

Post  Leo on Tue Feb 26, 2008 2:33 pm

As far as I have seen, there are very few clerics in the game that happen to have a brain. I constantly get into KQ's with clerics who are less useful then the people who die every five minutes. Heres a few tips from me, as far as clerics go.

When ressurecting someone while fighting a large mob or KQ boss, use the Invincible skill on the person tanking, as to not let them die while your are busy resing and cant heal due to channel time.

If there are too many mobs hitting a single person, try to pull atleast one mob onto yourself. Most clerics build pure endurance, as far as I've noticed, and can therefor tank relativly well. Don't be afraid to heal others and only use potions and stones on yourself, since you shouldn't use too many to being with.

The Restore spell is extremely useful, seeing as how the first level will restore 525 hp over roughly 18 seconds. This is great to keep tanks alive when they take steady damage, reducing your mana cost. I also use it on mages who are using the skill to regain sp, as it effects over time and therefor can stack beyond full hp essentially, if they use the skill while its still active.

Curing poison is essential to do ASAP, for some mobs will actually dealmore damage per poison click then actual hit, if the person is over half hit points, cure them asap, otherwise get them to a save hit point level first.


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