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Post  Rasma on Wed Apr 16, 2008 11:30 pm

ok we need to grow. simple truth but i cant be always be running around Sea of greed or Burring hill shouting for recruits.(and we all know mia is not going to do it Very Happy ) so that is where you come in look around see a cool person on your freinds list not in a guild tell me or mia or post it. now not every one will get in i have truned down 3 people becouse i did not like there attatude but i WILL look in to it.
now if you want to be RELLY helpfull give them this gernaric run down of the rules
1 WE DO NOT WAR!!!!!!!!!!
2 We are nice too all even the "Ass holes"
3 you must be active on the forum
4 we DO NOT give out handouts as a rule
5 this is a game so for gods sake have fun

now you dont have to tell them these thats my job but it will help

now rules for posting info on chars you want looked in to
1 give name and for gods sake make sure it is right (dont put mia ausiana when it is Mia_Ausiana)
2 put down about what time they play and how offten the more you give the less hair i losse trying to find them Mad
3 your bare bones oppion of them list all there good aspects and ANY things that could be bad (look at mine if you need a exsample)

well thats all for now and thanks for your help


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